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Hotels Are Inspiring and Setting the Standard for Smart Device Integrations in the Home

Smart Device Integrations
  In the age of chef-driven restaurants and boutique hotels, interior design is evolving from bland, beige spaces to vibrant and personalized aesthetics. Designers like Andrew Read more


mastering AV sales strategies
Mastering AV Sales Strategies: A Diverse Market Requires Understanding Individual Needs
December 8, 2023

Mastering AV sales strategies in a global professional audio-visual (Pro AV) market, poised to reach $79.2 billion by 2028, requires much attention to detail. The surge in demand from corporate, government, and institutional sectors, driven by the need for enhanced productivity and efficient working environments, gives AV sales pros a lot of opportunity. In […]

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cybersecurity in healthcare
Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Addressing the Growing Threat
December 8, 2023

To keep up with the growing threats, cybersecurity in healthcare is a high-level priority. The recent ransomware attack on Ardent Health underscores a stark reality for the healthcare industry: cyber threats are a significant and ongoing challenge. Mike Saylor, the CEO of Blackswan Cybersecurity, LLC, sheds light on the complexities of cybersecurity in healthcare. […]

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effective debt management
Effective Debt Management Holds the Keys to Small Business Cash Flow and Growth
December 8, 2023

Effective debt management through a robust accounts receivable system is essential for small business cash flow and growth, necessitating automated payment schedules and strategic policy adjustments. Collaborating with a collection agency as a strategic partner can enhance revenue recovery while preserving positive customer relationships. How critical is effective debt management for the financial health […]

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Hotels Are Inspiring and Setting the Standard for Smart Device Integrations in the Home
September 6, 2023

In the age of chef-driven restaurants and boutique hotels, interior design is evolving from bland, beige spaces to vibrant and personalized aesthetics. Designers like Andrew Alford are leading this trend, infusing spaces with local art, colorful furniture, and unique collections. As this shift takes place in public venues, homeowners are increasingly inspired to bring […]

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Designers Should Prioritize Proper Color Temperature in Exterior Lighting Designs to Serve Their Communities
August 2, 2023

As society grapples with the intricacies of modern life, the influence of exterior lighting on our psychological and physiological well-being has begun to draw attention. It’s not just about illuminating the darkness anymore; it’s also about respecting the natural rhythms of our bodies and fostering meaningful human interactions. A key factor here is the […]

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The Intricacies of Interior Design in Medical Furnishing: Champions of Care
December 8, 2021

One thing that’s very important but doesn’t take a prominent role in healthcare settings is furniture. It plays a significant role in patient care when it comes to looks, comfort, and functionality. An efficient and welcoming space makes for a better care experience for everyone. On this episode of Champions of Care, Host Daniel […]

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Introducing the Studio Insights Podcast
June 24, 2021

Launching a new podcast is exciting for any organization, and Provost Studio began its journey with the medium with an introductory episode. Host Tyler Kern spoke with the company’s Director of Design and President, Peter Provost, about his background, the firm’s specialties and what listeners can expect. “We specialize in broadcast design – helping clients visualize and […]

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The Role of Social Media in the Kitchen & Bath Industry with Stacy Garcia
April 15, 2020

On this episode of Element Sessions, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined by cabinet industry veteran Stacy Garcia, the owner of Garcia Cabinetmakers and founder of KBtribechat™️, which facilitates weekly social media discussions on Twitter for thought-leaders in the kitchen and bath industry. Litwin and Garcia, who brings four decades of experience in […]

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Element Sessions: Exploring Cabinetry Design Trends with Stephanie Pierce
March 7, 2020

A new decade ushers in new interior design trends, and, for cabinetry, this means fresh takes on color, textures, materials and fixtures. Element Designs explores how cabinetry is evolving, changing and pushing the design envelope on this episode of “Element Sessions.” Joined by Stephanie Pierce, Director of Design and Trends at MasterBrand Cabinets, Element […]

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The Showroom: From Idea to Conception — Exploring the Design Process with Pietta Donovan
February 25, 2020

Whether it be the shape of a favorite pastry or the color of a foreign flower, interior designer Pietta Donovan derives inspiration from all things. A new collaboration with Walker Zanger presents her first tile collection, characterized by sun-drenched pastels and rounded shapes of the retro 70’s. This episode of “The Showroom” explores how […]

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Element Sessions: Using Texture to Guide Design
October 1, 2019

Sight, scent, sound, taste, and touch: Of the five senses, we often overlook the powerful effects of touch. But at California Closets, the design team is putting texture at the forefront of their creations, using it to alter a space’s look, feel, and mood. By attending European design shows, experimenting with new materials, and […]

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The Power of Color in Interior Design
September 9, 2019

The allure of color has long been a fascination in the design world. While you may walk into a room and think that the colors were randomly chosen, typically, however, that’s not the case. Many color choices are made because of personal preference, but when it comes to combining colors, much more thought and care […]

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