Element Sessions: Using Texture to Guide Design

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Sight, scent, sound, taste, and touch: Of the five senses, we often overlook the powerful effects of touch. But at California Closets, the design team is putting texture at the forefront of their creations, using it to alter a space’s look, feel, and mood. By attending European design shows, experimenting with new materials, and designing with the homeowner in mind, California Closets crafts unique, customized spaces.

On this podcast we are joined by Erin Hardy, National Manager of Design at California Closets. Hardy discussed the different ways California Closets uses texture in their designs to great effect.

“Texture really creates a lot of visual interest in design,” Hardy said.

By mixing and matching textures, like matte and gloss or fabric and wood, a design can take on a whole new look and feel. At California Closets, “we create places where people start and end their day,” Hardy said.

With that in mind, the design team crafts closets that reflect the life, habits, and comforts of the homeowner by asking: “How do you want to feel when you walk into your space?”

With designs in homes all over the world, California Closets aims to ensure a quality product every time. The key to consistency is in a good quality materials and a reliable set of textures that work well together. Hardy explains how artificial wood grain gives designs that consistency.

“At the end of the day we get a beautiful palette of materials that works well together every time,” she said.

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