Erika Egede-Nissen said

Minimalism in home design has been all the rage for decades, and there’s no dearth of home renovation cable TV shows encouraging a simplistic lifestyle. But on this week’s episode of the Architecture & Design podcast, Erika Egede-Nissen, director of marketing at Walker Zanger, makes the case for maximalism in curating a tile collection.

To really open homeowners’ and decorators’ eyes to the beauty of tiles, Egede-Nissen invited them to Walker Zanger’s slab gallery, an impressive indoor facility where guests can find the perfect slab in a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment.

Walking through the showcase is like traveling back in time as the gallery displays slabs with fossils and gorgeous sediment that has been pushed through stone over millions of years to form breathtaking patterns.

“You can’t help but think about the beauty of Mother Nature as you walk through the slab gallery,” Egede-Nissen said.

To her, Walker Zanger is a company of designers, creators, and artists, and her job as a marketer is to help folks doing a home remodel or building a house feel great about their decision.

One of the fresher trends she wants to see celebrated is maximalism, and argues that the concept isn’t about big bold colors or using multiple prints. Rather, it can be about selecting layers of colors and textures, or mixing styles such as gold and brass.

“More is more is okay,” Egede-Nissen said.

She likened designing a living space to curating a museum collection which isn’t amassed all at once, but built upon over time. Similarly, home designers can collect tiles and slabs over many years and gradually incorporate them into a space.

In the end, Egede-Nissen just wants homeowners to fall in love with where they live and play.

“Have some fun with your design that brings you joy and gives you happiness,” she said.

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