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As consumers develop an interest in healthy, high-performance building products, coarse wool products such as Havelock Wool are becoming the gold standard for a truly green insulation product.

Today on the A&D Podcast brought to you by MarketScale, host Tyler Kern sat down with Cameron Reith, founder and partner of Greenhome Solutions, a family-owned green building product supplier and Andrew Legge, founder and managing partner of Havelock Wool to discuss how consumers are finding their way to this unique replacement for traditional fiberglass insulation.

While fiberglass has replaced more hazardous asbestos insulation in recent decades, the thin fibers of plastic and glass are also dangerous for human inhalation. Pinpointing the safety issue, Legged asked: “If you won’t touch it, why are you spec’ing it for your architect in your building?”

 Cameron Reith saidThat’s why construction experts like Reith have come to recommend Havelock and other green building products in his Seattle-based Greenhome Solutions store.

“Wool is an amazing fiber that performs no matter what application,” Reith said, who made Havelock Wool its exclusive recommended insulation solution. “Whether for your socks or your insulation, wool is good with moisture and it’s got comparable R-value to anything that’s in those walls. It’s really is a no-brainer for us.”

Reith and Legged also discussed how green-minded customers in Seattle, specifically, are showing what interest and demand there is for green insulation solutions.

“With wool, there’s just no better fiber for the purposes of insulation,” Legge said.

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