Havelock Wool and Wayfarer Vans’ Partnership Makes Sure Adventurers Don’t Get Fleeced On Their Camping Van Builds


“The mountains are calling, and I must go,” naturalist John Muir is famous for saying.

These days, however, you might not answer the call if you don’t have the right equipment. While Muir wandered the wilderness long before #VanLife became a thing (or hashtags were a thing), many adventurers still have his spirit. But shivering in the back of a Honda Element after getting rained on during a hike just isn’t that fun.

Luckily, Wayfarer Vans utilize Havelock Wool in their camper van buildouts, making sure that the vehicle keeps its temperature and controls moisture.

“I really wanted a sustainable product, and kind of organic in a way, too,” said Ian Horgan, the creator, owner and operator of Wayfarer Vans. “Previously, a lot of our builds were insulated with recycled denim, but that was not the most ideal because, of course, it’s cotton-based and will absorb moisture, and we have van owners from coast to coast. We had to evolve out of that.”

The evolution took them to Havelock, and the partnership quickly made sense on both sides.

“To be able to join forces with, number one, a fiber a lot of folks know about, then stick it inside a vehicle to go back outdoors and enjoy everything we’re trying to protect in the first place, you do feel stoked every day when you go home, like, ‘Everyone’s going to have so much fun! I’m going to have so much fun!,’” Havelock Wool Head of Sales Josh Schohn  said.

Everyone will be having more fun enjoying the great outdoors. Relaxing in a wool-insulated camper van with a custom build-out definitely beats the old way of roughing it.

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