TreeNewal Unveils the “Building Roots” Podcast Series

April 5, 2023

Dallas, TX – TreeNewal, an arborist company renowned for its commitment to preserving the natural environment, is excited to announce its new podcast, Building Roots with Wesley Rivers. The podcast, hosted by Wesley Rivers, VP of Operations for TreeNewal, will feature conversations with TreeNewal ISA Certified Arborists James Allen and Corey Herpel on a range of topics related to trees, including soil science, common questions customers have for Arborists, and the impact of home development on trees.

Listeners can look forward to engaging discussions on the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship between humans and nature and insights into TreeNewal’s vision for the future. In an upcoming episode, Wesley Rivers and Corey Herpel delve into the company’s unique mom-and-pop-style approach to business and what sets it apart from other arborist companies.

Corey Herpel, one of the co-hosts, spoke about his experience with TreeNewal, saying, “If there’s a question or a problem, I can get a hold of the ownership group or management. We can work through things together.” This commitment to open communication and collaboration reflects the company’s dedication to providing exceptional service and expertise to its clients.

Building Roots with Wesley Rivers is a must-listen for anyone interested in preserving the natural beauty of their surroundings and learning more about the intricate relationship between trees and the environment. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms.

About TreeNewal:

TreeNewal is a family-owned and operated arborist company based in Dallas, TX, that specializes in preserving the health and beauty of trees while providing exceptional service to its clients. With a team of ISA Certified Arborists, TreeNewal is committed to using eco-friendly practices and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the safety and longevity of trees.



Phone: (817) 500-9225

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