TreeNewal’s Vision: A Look into Its Mission

April 5, 2023


The tree care industry is a highly competitive space, with many companies vying for customers’ attention. However, TreeNewal stands out from the rest. What sets them apart is their focus on customer service and education.

On this episode of Building Roots, Wes Rivers interviews ISA Certified Arborist Cory Herpel to explore the purpose behind the founding of TreeNewal and how they are striving to educate their client base.

TreeNewal takes customer service seriously, striving for ultimate customer satisfaction with every interaction. They understand that tree work can be intimidating and overwhelming, so they make sure to simplify the experience as much as possible. TreeNewal also provides extensive education on all aspects of tree care, including planting, watering, and species selection. Their website offers multiple resources, including pruning techniques, removals, and cabling. Furthermore, all of their arborists are ISA certified and have OQUILT and tree risk assessment qualifications, and some are even board-certified master arborists. When walking through properties with clients, TreeNewal’s aim is to make industry jargon understandable, so that homeowners can comprehend the reasons behind recommended and non-recommended practices.

TreeNewal’s mission of ethical and scientific tree work is reflected in their commitment to treating customers and employees with respect. Their dedication to educating both employees and customers sets them apart in the industry, where many companies prioritize production-oriented tasks over holistic health care strategies. Wes believes that TreeNewal’s dedication to education and quality services is driving their rapid growth, and they are on track to become one of the most prestigious tree care companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For more information about TreeNewal services or to schedule a consultation with one of their certified arborists, visit their website at

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