The International Roofing Expo is the industry’s biggest event, and Marketscale is bringing you snapshots from the show. We had a chance to chat with Sam Beiler, CEO and Co-Founder of Boostpoint, an easy to use application for creating and launching targeted social media ads. Sam, a veteran marketer in the roofing industry, founded the company because of the disconnect he saw in the industry.

“Roofing contractors were struggling to transition from traditional to digital marketing. They needed a solution that was easy to use and worked. That’s where the idea for Boostpoint started,” Sam said.

Roofers aren’t marketers, but they certainly understand the need to drive more leads and traffic to their site. Social media advertising offers a hyper-targeted way to do so, but it can be overwhelming. Sam shared, “Our app is easy. We do all the background audience targeting; they simply choose the area. They can then select from multiple proven to be engaging templates for their ads.”

Learn more about Boostpoint’s impact on the industry by listening to the podcast.