Anchor Products Now Approved for Use in Los Angeles

Public safety is a top priority across the country and the city of Los Angeles is certainly no exception. A key part of protecting the residents of the city is by ensuring that buildings are constructed and maintained in accordance with accepted safety guidelines. The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LABDS) is responsible for overseeing these rules which includes the use of approved building materials, electrical components, and mechanical products.

Materials and products that are approved for use in building construction receive a Los Angeles Research Report number, or LARR number. Anchor Products is proud to announce that they have successfully completed the product testing phase and have now received their LARR number!

LARR Testing Requirements

In order to ensure the safety of materials and products, the LADBS subjects components to an extensive application, testing, and review process that takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete. During this time, materials are evaluated to determine if they satisfy building codes with regards to product quality, fire resistance properties, strength, effectiveness, durability, and safety.

Now that Anchor Products has completed this stringent testing and acquired a LARR number, it’s U-Anchor 2400U-Anchor 2600 Asphalt, and U-Anchor 2600 Coatings are approved for use in the city of Los Angeles!

Benefits of a LARR Number

Obtaining a LARR number is beneficial on multiple levels. Beyond the obvious reason of receiving approval for products to be used for building materials in the city of Los Angeles, the LARR number also adds an additional layer of credibility to the quality of the product.

The thorough testing of the LABDS means that building products are robust and of a high quality suitable for numerous building applications across the country and worldwide. While the examination of products is tailored to the environment of Los Angeles, the qualities being evaluated are largely universal. The LARR number demonstrates that their associated products are tested and proven to perform safely under demanding conditions.

Anchor Products Prioritizes Quality and Safety

Anchor Products has always put quality at the forefront of product design and manufacturing. AP’s U-Anchor has already been proven to withstand extreme winds, seismic activity, and the harshest weather events. Now with a LARR number, Anchor Products has passed another round of stringent testing and is approved for use in Los Angeles.

At Anchor Products, we aim to raise industry standards with secure rooftop equipment that is faster, simpler, smarter, and more cost effective to install. Click here to learn more about our line of U-Anchors.


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