The AUSA (Association of the United States Army) Annual Event & Exposition is the largest land warfare tradeshow in North America. As a supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces and a manufacturer of a product that helps them in extreme climates, Breezer Mobile Cooling is excited to participate this year from October 8-10.

The Breezer Mobile Cooling team that will be attending are all veterans, so they understand first-hand the impact of heat in combat and training. They’ll be well-equipped to answer any questions and share real-life scenarios with proven heat safety solutions.

We’ve seen the use of our products make a huge difference in grueling heat. Because our cooling solutions are rugged, military-grade, and portable, they deliver key benefits to U.S. Armed Forces both at home and abroad. Heat is just as dangerous as other risks that soldiers face. Luckily, this is a threat that can be extinguished quickly and efficiently.

With our air coolers, any space inside and outside can be dramatically cooled. This reduces mistakes, increases productivity and keeps morale up. Heat can quickly zap energy or even worse, cause illness or injury. Keeping personnel cool provides for a safer environment and ensures soldiers are always ready for their mission.

“We are very excited to be part of AUSA. It’s a great opportunity to connect with military leaders and hear what their challenges are. It’s more important than ever to enhance mission-readiness, and our cooling fans play a crucial role in doing that. We are proud that our products protect U.S. soldiers from heat stress in 29 countries all over the world,” shares Rich Clem, CSM US Army Ret. and VP of Government Business Development at Breezer Mobile Cooling.

We invite all AUSA attendees to visit us at booth #3602 where you can experience the Power Breezer and O2 in action. See you there!


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