TSG Software develops Accelerator CC to help commercial cleaning and facility management companies manage their entire business. Accelerator CC is an enterprise SaaS and mobile application that benefits the building service contractor industry.

As TSG’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Michael Pope leads a team to develop promotional strategies to strengthen the company’s inbound marketing strategy. Additionally, he works with sales efforts tied to the leads culled from marketing. Pope manages the full sales cycle and his job includes new business development, relationship building and utilizing management skills.

How did he get the job at TSG?

“I knew the CEO from a business incubator we were both involved with,” he says. “He knew my success building a sales team at another startup.”For Pope, the industry seemed bigger and more complex than he originally assumed. It also seemed to have a lot of potential for growth, which he appreciated. As for trends in the building service contractor industry, he sees tech and data really getting a foothold. “Automating business processes and using data to make better decisions is more and more important,” he says.

With that in mind, his company is developing customer portals and detailed reports to take captured data and deliver it to customers in meaningful ways. This should help clients provide better customer service as they become more predictive and foresee potential problems. Most importantly, Pope believes his company is working on projects that will use performance history to both retain and gain more customers.

What’s on the horizon, then?

“I see more value being brought to the facilities management industry,” he says. “Rather than being a necessary cost of doing business, more companies will value their facilities as places where work gets done and the aesthetics that go into them can make employees happier and more productive.”