The Business of Putting It All Together

FSG Connects You to All the Best Experts

In the world of facility maintenance, finding the right suppliers and contractors is kind of like walking the pie buffet at a potluck lunch. There’s lots to choose from, but the pieces are always small and the only way to really get what you want is to pick up several plates. The problem is you end up looking like a fool balancing multiple pieces of pie as you make your way back to your table—or as you try to manage your facility.

What if there was a better way to get what you needed out of a contractor without having to pick and choose tiny pieces of expertise from different partners?

What if you could get everything you wanted in one pie? And you could take the whole thing back to your table!

This was the idea when FSG decided to be more than just an lighting and electrical contractor.

When you’re developing a lighting and electrical project, you need to feel confident that every detail is addressed, and that usually requires experts from a variety of fields. As one of the nation’s largest providers of lighting and electrical solutions, Facility Solutions Group (FSG) connects you to the best of the best.

Designing Lighting and Electrical to Optimize Operations

Are your lighting and electrical expenses a huge part of your budget? Well, they shouldn’t be. You could be wasting precious dollars on an inefficient system. That’s why we bring in, as a single provider, different pieces of the puzzle to optimize your operations. This could mean you need expertise from a large group, including:

  1. Lighting – Learn about the best in LED energy-efficient lighting options for your spaces. You’ll save money on your energy bills and contribute to an eco-friendlier world.
  2. Electrical – You never want to hire the wrong electrician. It can cost you money as well as be a hazard. FSG brings in high-quality contractors that have been vetted fully.
  3. Technology integrators – We keep it simple, explaining what the advantages of one solution are over another. Whether it’s the cables, displays or any other aspect of technology, we will ensure it works in your situation.
  4. Signage – You should focus on how you want your brand to be portrayed on your sign, not whether a sign company is credible. We’ll help with this, too, with our fabrication team in Austin.
  5. Utility – How can you minimize your power bill? LED fixtures are a start, but there may be other ways to save. Our utility services team has the know-how to scrutinize your monthly spend and find savings.
  6. Energy management – Are you thinking about how energy is used in your buildings? Probably not; you’ve got other things on your plate. With better energy management, you can realize noticeable savings. Put that money back toward helping your brand grow.

While it would be overwhelming for you to manage so many vendors, FSG can do it for you. that’s what makes us different.

We’re Glad to Be Different

Since we began in 1982, our mission has been to help customers with better solutions. We grew from a wholesale lighting supplier to a full-service lighting and energy provider. Because of our suite of services, we can offer you the time and money savings associated with a single-source provider. It’s a turnkey experience, as we manage the project from design to fabrication to installation to ongoing support. Limitations are never an issue because we use products from many different manufacturers. We’ve made it our strategy to collaborate with the best providers, so you have access to better technology. This approach enables us to streamline workflows and deliver the best opportunities to our clients.

Experience Matters

FSG is right for the job because we’ve got the experience. Whether it’s a retrofit, a new project, or anything in between, we’ve done it all. This makes us uniquely qualified to work with almost any industry in a variety of applications.

We’d love to help you with your project. Trust our team of experts to turn lighting and electricity into an optimized part of operations, not a constant money drain. Get started here.


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