Clients need a strategic partner who provides true value and ongoing support


Boland’s client partnerships are at the heart of everything they do. But what does that partnership look like from the client’s end? To determine precisely how clients feel about working with Boland and what makes this relationship so unique, Tyler Kern brought in two leaders from one of Boland’s partners, Tatitlek Technologies.

Brian Stokes, Program Manager at Tatitlek Technologies, and Nicole Grant, Operations Control Analyst at Tatitlek Technologies, joined Stefanie Timpke, an Account Executive with Boland, to get down to the bottom of all the secrets that make up this trusted and valued partnership.

“The partnership with Boland transcends Tatitlek Technologies,” Stokes said. “I’ve had a partnership with Boland since 2004. Boland has been instrumental in systemically meeting the goals and objectives of all our contracts at mission-critical facilities. We’re talking about a long-term partnership. It has been, by far, one of the most essential organizations to our success.”

While moved by Stoke’s words, Timpke said that partnerships like the one Boland has with Tatitlek are core to their business.

“What I try to do as the account executive is think like Brian and Nicole,” Timpke said. “I want to mitigate frustration for them. I want to side-step traps before it gets to them for them and be their easy button.”

A critical component that can lead to frustration is downtime due to an HVAC failure in a building where maintaining operations are genuinely necessary. In cases such as this, who a business trusts to maintain their facility is of the utmost importance.

“Several of our buildings are 24-hour monitor,” Grant said. “The services Boland provides aren’t just on-site, but off-site, remotely. They monitor a vast majority of the HVAC equipment. To stay on top of it and to have a timely response for our client, we do heavily depend on Boland to act, respond and turn things around quickly when it comes to any issues we might experience.”

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