Modernizing Sports Arenas and How Venues Have Evolved


WiFi, mobile ordering and targeted advertisements are commonplace at many sports arenas today, but that wasn’t the case as recently a few years ago. The demand for interactivity in venues has skyrocketed as professional sports has looked to improve the in-stadium experience. Tod Caflisch of TechFoundry LLC has been one of the champions of this cause. Tod has been a technology executive for major teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Red Wings and the San Antonio Spurs, and has helped pioneer the modern uses of sports and venue related technology.

On this episode of MarketScale Mornings we dive deep into the world of technology integration with sports teams and arenas. Tod weighs in on topics like WiFi integration, in-game experience and fan engagement. He also provides additional insight on what modern sports teams and leagues can do to create a more engaged audience base.


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