Fortis Expertise Provides Superior Warranty/Guarantee

Roof replacements are costly, inconvenient, full of risk, and many times still have leaks. And typical roofing manufacturer’s warranties are written to protect the manufacturer, not the customer. Fortunately, Fortis Warranty provides a service that can disrupt the entire industry.

Fortis Forges A New Path

 Did you know that more than 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely?  Lab testing of weathered membranes provides proof that they can still have another 5 to 20 years of useful life after their warranty has expired? Founded in 2003 to provide a proprietary roof reconditioning solution and warranty/guarantee for existing commercial low slope roofs, Fortis Warranty has an established 15-year plus history of financial and roof management expertise that allows us to advocate for our customers.

The Fortis Extended Warranty (EW) solution was created to extend the serviceable life of an existing roof via extensive and proprietary roof reconditioning which Fortis both warrants and guarantees. Costing just 1/3 of the cost of a roof replacement, on average, EW provides coverage far beyond what a typical new roof warranty covers and with much fewer restrictions—only damage by others and acts of God are excluded—than traditional manufacturer’s warranties. In fact, with the Fortis Roof Guarantee, you won’t have any unexpected repair costs during the entire warranty period.

The Fortis Underwriting and Approval Process

Fortis collaborates with you to pinpoint your management priorities so that we can provide a customer-focused, guaranteed, and scientifically proven warranty solution that aligns with your needs and timeframes.  If you have an existing contractor that knows your roofs and that you’d prefer to use for the reconditioning work, we can look to certify them as a Fortis Contractor.

Our underwriting and approval process is both meticulous and comprehensive:

  1. A rigorous survey, called the Fortis Roof Risk Assessment (FRRA), is performed assessing the condition of the membrane, flashing, drainage and insulation condition, as well as leak history, roof age, maintenance status, rooftop traffic, and interior occupancy.
  2. Via nationally recognized independent lab testing against data accumulated, analyzed and utilized for well over a decade, Fortis checks for elasticity, elongation, tensile/tear strength, UV resistance/heat aging, water vapor permeability, and factory seam strength.
  3. We issue an electronic RCIR (Roof Condition Index Report) that includes a Roof Data Summary, Defect Identification, Science and Technology results, Reconditioning Scope, Conventional Roof Replacement Comparison, and a proposal with an ROI Model.
  4. Thorough, robust reconditioning protocols are then performed by highly-credentialed Fortis Certified Contractors, ensuring your roof is brought up to stringent standards for guaranteed performance throughout the warranted roof life.
  5. Finally, have a detailed QA/QC review of the completed work is conducted, the warranty is issued.

Fortis’ Superior Assurance of Financial Security

 Confidently reconditioning and writing commercial roof warranties for more than 15 years, Fortis offers even further assurance to their customers. Over the last 330 years, Lloyd’s of London has become the world’s leading market for specialist insurance with a capital structure (nicknamed the ‘Chain of Security’) that is globally known for its financial strength.  With the industry’s only Lloyd’s of London insured roof warranty/guarantee, Fortis isn’t just guaranteeing your roof’s performance—we’re providing the ultimate in financial security.

Fortis Expertise, Fortis Guarantees

Before replacing your roof, talk to the experts at Fortis. Our industry-changing solutions currently protect more than 2,700 facilities and over 115 million square feet of roof. Not only does our comprehensive EW program include more benefits with fewer restrictions than typical manufacturer’s warranties, but our solution also costs, on average, less than 1/3 of a roof replacement, offering significant savings upfront and financial benefits through deferred cash spending. And with an insured roof warranty guarantee from Lloyd’s of London, Fortis Warranty provides the best in guaranteed performance to extend your roof’s usable life.

Visit the Fortis Warranty website to learn more about our EW Process.


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