Many parts of the U.S. are experiencing record high temperatures this summer. However, this phenomenon is not limited to the U.S. A global heat wave is causing natural disasters and leading to major health concerns and economic woes. Also, the need for cooling is putting great strain on electricity grids everywhere, leading to power outages. In order to address this issue and alleviate suffering, more innovative cooling solutions are needed. Let’s take a look.

High Temperatures Across Northern Europe Lead to Drought and Wildfires

A high-pressure ridge across most of northern Europe this year has created a boiling and dry spring and summer. In turn, this has led to drought conditions in the British Isles, Scandinavia, Poland, and Germany. In fact, the first half of the summer was the driest in modern history for both the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. These arid conditions have contributed to dozens of wildfires in Sweden alone, prompting a call for help from the EU.

Heat Wave Causes Health Concerns in Asia

In Japan, a July heat wave with sustained temperatures above 100°F killed more than 30 people and sent thousands to the hospital. Tokyo saw a record 3,000 emergency calls in a single 24-hour period. Even worse, many of South Asia’s already-scorching cities are becoming even hotter. Scientists say that if global greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current pace, heat and humidity levels could reach a level where the human body would no longer be able to cool itself. People directly exposed to such conditions for just six hours would not survive. We saw an inkling of this crisis in May 2010 when temperatures in Ahmedabad, India, soared to 118°F. This heat wave resulted in a 43 percent increase in mortality when compared to the same period in previous years.

To Solve the Problems of Climate Change, We’ll Need to Think Differently

High-temperature conditions have always been dangerous for children and the elderly. However, with the more extreme climate conditions the world is seeing today, anyone that works or spends extended time outdoors will need to be prepared to prevent conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Basic measures include consuming extra water and avoiding direct exposure to sunshine during the hottest time of the day.

Breezer Mobile Cooling is helping to address this global crisis. Innovative Breezer Mobile Cooling products provide a cost-effective, installation-free solution in emergency management, disaster relief, crisis mitigation, and humanitarian aid situations. The Power Breezer and the O2 are energy-efficient, durable, and portable mobile cooling units that help mitigate heat illness, provide relief, and increase safety. Eco-friendly Breezer Mobile Cooling products are proven for temporary housing, tents, medical treatment areas, displacement centers, relief and triage areas, food lines, and staging sites. With heat waves and wildfires causing global disasters, crisis victims as well as emergency responders need the innovative cooling solutions that Breezer Mobile Cooling provides.

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