Working in the heat has often been framed as a side-effect of manual labor or professional sports that people just have to work through or “get over.” This mentality is leaving people injured, and sometimes dead, from heat exhaustion, and a lack of education and regulation around heat safety isn’t helping. Roy White, VP of Products for Breezer Mobile Cooling, was an Eagle Scout himself, trained early on that outdoor safety is paramount to healthy, happy and productive work. As the conversation begins to change around heat safety from suggestions to regulations, White joined us on the podcast to break down exactly what’s shifting the narrative. “It’s really been downplayed a lot. I think that’s been unfortunate in the area of athletics,” White said. “68 different football players have died from heatstroke between 1995 and 2012.” He breaks down the regulations coming through the sports and outdoor labor industries, why casual outdoor work versus high-exhaustion labor need to be treated differently, why regulation is a must, and the products and education Breezer Mobile Cooling is bringing to solve this on-going issue.

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