How Does HVAC Work?: Help Me Understand


Welcome to the first episode of Help Me Understand, a new show from

MarketScale for people who like to learn new things from experts in their field. If you’ve ever asked the question, “So, how exactly does that work?” then this is the show for you. On the first episode, Host Tyler Kern explored a subject that is near and dear to his heart after surviving so many summers in Texas:  HVAC.

When it comes to keeping office buildings cool, having a well-functioning HVAC system is essential. So how does it work when the temperature outside is in the triple digits, but the temperature inside is cool and cozy? Giving insights is Jerry Taylor, Service Manager at Boland, the leading commercial HVAC systems, services, and building energy solutions provider in the DC metro area.

“So the basic thing that everyone needs to know is we’re not making cold air, we’re simply removing heat from the air that’s already in the building,” Taylor said. “Heat is energy. It cannot be destroyed. It can simply be moved from a place where it’s objectionable to a place that no one really cares.”

Another example of cooling and removing hot air would be a refrigerator. Let’s say someone is at home and wants to enjoy a cold drink. You put it inside the cold box and expect it to get cold. Heat is simply removed from inside the box to outside.

So, where does the heat go from inside a building? Listen to understand the magic behind HVAC.

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