How Smart Packaging Supports the ‘New Normal’ and Beyond

During this unprecedented period, Americans are receiving more packages than ever. In fact, according to Consignor, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a:

  • 13% increase in overall parcels shipped
  • 17% growth in B2C ecommerce shipments
  • 9% increase in domestic parcel shipments

But how are Americans ensuring they’re remaining safe while receiving this elevated number of packages? Immediate disinfection, mask and glove usage, and other measures can play a role, but safety concerns remain.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure the packages currently making our lives more comfortable aren’t putting you at risk.

Best Practices for Package Pickup

To protect yourself and others from potential safety concerns surrounding packages, you can:

  • Avoid contact with others as much as possible when shipping and receiving goods
  • Discard packaging as soon as possible and with as little direct contact as possible
  • Leverage automated retrieval systems, etc. to further reduce touchpoints and handling

Position Imaging can help you adhere to these strategies.

Introducing the Position Imaging Smart Package Room

The Position Imaging Smart Package Room is a game-changer.

It’s the market’s only solution allowing for contactless package pickup in 20 seconds or less, ensuring that adhering to best safety practices doesn’t come at the expense of time or convenience.

The Smart Package Room is fast, secure and accurate – all without requiring any human contact or touch screen usage.

It’s simple. With their own device, building tenants or other users needing to pick up packages can interact with a touchless, wall-mounted display that leverages computer vision tracking, laser guidance, and audio directions to expedite the process.

The system will allow access to the Smart Package Room, guide the person needing to pick up the package to its location to avoid lingering and searching, and notify the person if they’ve selected the incorrect package.

The Smart Package Room is the most innovative and safe method for package retrieval, and it comes at a time when Americans need it most.

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