How the Supply Chain Shortage is Affecting Commercial HVAC Supply and Distribution


“The HVAC industry right now is dealing with the same issues that virtually every other industry is facing at the moment,” Alexis said.

Over the past year and a half, the pandemic caused numerous issues to the supply chain. The Biden Administration is pushing for relief, but it looks like problems will exist through the holidays, leaving Americans in short supply for Christmas.

Here to give insights on this episode of 10 Minutes To A Better Building is Mike Alexis, Account Executive at Boland. He talked with Host Tyler Kern about how Boland is confronting the issues with the supply chain.

American consumers aren’t the only ones facing a shortage due to the supply chain, as issues also trickled down to the HVAC industry. Some of the equipment in HVAC requires the same semiconductor chip to function that is impacting the automobile industry.

“The HVAC industry right now is dealing with the same issues that virtually every other industry is facing at the moment,” Alexis said. “From material shortages to labor shortages, to the warehouse to the trucking industry. It’s even been impacted by the semiconductor chip shortage that’s pretty much crippled the auto industry.”

The HVAC industry isn’t unique in its present struggles but there is an overlap in dealing with the same shortages as other industries. At Boland, they are taking the situation one day at a time by dealing with and adapting to each issue. The issues are equally spread across residential and commercial applications.

“The semiconductor chip shortage has impacted the residential side of things a little bit more,” Alexis said. “There’s a little bit more electronics, like some of the temperature sensors in the thermostats. They need these semiconductors chips and some of these boards and higher-end stuff.”

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