How to Maximize Your 2019 Roofing Budget

Whether you own or manage one building or a portfolio of them, preparing budgets each year can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, and typically, items of immediate need take precedence when budgets are tight. As the single biggest replacement ticket item in any building’s financial blueprint, roofing in disrepair or in need of replacement is often postponed. Roofs are costly to repair and exceedingly expensive to replace, particularly in a strong economy where contractor backlogs are significant and roof prices continue to soar to all time highs. Neglect of this vital building component can dramatically impact the structural integrity of the entire building, resulting in more problems down the road. It can also wreak havoc on a budget if any unforeseen roof expenditures come up.

Roofs vs. Budgets vs. Warranties

FCAs (Facility Condition Assessments) are a great tool for forecasting short and long-term costs of your building’s systems and capital needs, assessing routine and/or deferred maintenance requirements, systemic deficiencies, the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of all major building systems, and more, to provide a prioritized list of repairs. When budgets are limited, an FCA report allows owners to address primary areas of concern that align with budgetary constraints. Traditionally, a portion of the roof may be replaced and maintenance programs that in theory extend a roof’s life are invested in; but in all actuality, these programs don’t guarantee extended life, and building owners are left exposed to costs when issues such as a roof leak occur.

Further, manufacturers are now requiring that all components of a roof system, including insulation, accessories, and many times perimeter meta, are purchased through them in order to receive their roof system guarantee. Usually provided at little to no cost, these warranties may seem a great deal during the system purchase, however, they tend to have many loopholes that often result in claim denials (over 40% by industry standards). Also, that great warranty price may help conceal hefty markups manufacturers put on the individual components of the roof system.

But what if there was another solution? A solution that offers a better way to manage your roof assets and provides guaranteed performance?

Why Replace When You Can Extend?

Did you know that each year more than 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely?? Rather than needlessly filling up landfills with toxic waste, disrupting interior occupants and operations, risking a system replacement with a system that may not work, or taking valuable time from your people to manage an unnecessary project – try a better solution. Fortis Warranty provides extensive reconditioning to critical areas of a roof and guarantees the performance of the roof.

Insuring the Future of Your Roof

As a true turnkey solution, Fortis not only reconditions roofs, but guarantees performance with coverages far beyond original base level warranties, ensuring you won’t have any unexpected repair costs during the warranty period. Fortis’ groundbreaking Reconditioning Process combined with its exclusive warranty (EW) safeguards the performance of your roof and includes more benefits with fewer restrictions, making it more comprehensive than any other roofing manufacturer’s warranty on the market today, all at 1/3 the cost of a total roof replacement. Furthermore, Fortis has the only roof warranty in the industry backed by Lloyd’s of London, providing the utmost in financial security to policyholders.

When reconditioning is unviable, and roof budgeting permits a total replacement, Fortis offers their New Roof Warranty (NRW) for replacement and recover solutions. Fortis’ New Roof Systems assembles name brand materials from multiple manufacturers, allowing our Fortis Certified Contractors to provide a roof replacement for more than 20% less than leading manufacturer bundled systems. Different than a standard manufacturer’s roof warranty which contains numerous requirements, exclusions, and limitations that often time result in a claim denial, Fortis’ New Roof Warranty boasts a superior level of protection unlike any other offered in the industry.

New Year, New Budgets: An Innovative Solution

With 2019 already in full swing, it’s time to ask some vital questions. What is the true health of your roof? Will it be ready for what mother nature throws its way this year? Should you replace or should you recondition? Are you comfortable with taking the risk of an unprotected roof another year? Let Fortis Warranty help you make these budget-impacting decisions. Fortis Warranty customers enjoy substantial upfront savings as well as significant financial benefit from deferred cash spending. And with over 15-years of industry experience, a proven track record of protecting more than 2,700 active warranties, and revered Lloyd’s of London backing, Fortis is the affordable, peace of mind solution for your roofing needs this year.

If you were planning on replacing a roof this year, and Fortis determines that it can offer you a reconditioning solution with guaranteed performance the unexpected extra dollars in your budget will go a long way! Contact Fortis now to schedule a Fortis Roof Risk Assessment, a process that evaluates your current roof conditions to provide a guaranteed solution and warranty term that aligns with your ownership needs, budgets, and timeframes. Let Fortis Warranty solutions guide your new 2019 budget.

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