How Will Networking and Interpersonal Skills Help Job Seekers Find More Opportunities?

March 10, 2023
Greg Crumpton


How often have you heard the word “networking,” especially in the digital age when LinkedIn allows job seekers to network with the click of a button? Networking is the main way some people end up receiving job offers. In fact, 85 percent of positions are filled with the help of networking, yet one in four people do not network.

What makes interpersonal relationships so important for job seekers, and how is one company, Skill Stadium, facilitating interpersonal skills for these individuals? On today’s episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, host Greg Crumpton and Gabrielle Bar meet with Keith Williams, Founder and CEO of Skill Stadium, to talk everything about these interpersonal skills.

A resume is a piece of paper with words on it, and just that. But everyone needs to interact with people to convey their skillset and obtain a job, so “people skills” such as communication skills, patience, active listening, and empathy are essential to demonstrate during the job hunt. Williams stated, “Nobody has an opportunity without interaction with another human being. You can’t order a job like you can order an Uber or something on Amazon. There’s an element of relationship.”

Crumpton, Bar, and Williams also discussed…

● Why human interaction is crucial for the job search and Williams’s inspiration for Skill Stadium

● The value that referrals and trustworthiness bring to the table for job seekers

● Advice on the roadmap people need to establish when seeking a specific position

Williams talked about the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations and how they contribute to building trust. “We live so much in a world where referrals are so important— somebody vouching for you. The value that that brings is tremendous. It makes it easier for you to get future business and it blesses you when you’re not expecting it. Somebody comes and selects you based on a recommendation—that only comes because you’ve been right more times than you’ve been wrong. And you’re trusted. Trust is the number one thing that stops people from doing business with people.”

Keith Williams is a tech-driven entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, and project management. He is Founder and CEO of Skill Stadium and was Founder of Goadilo. Williams has a BA in Politics and History from Trent University and an MBA from Georgia State University.

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