HVAC Sustainability Rises in Priority as Industry Sees Increasing Changes Expected to Shape its Future

June 28, 2023
Alexandra Simon


HVAC sustainability has moved steadfast to the forefront of the HVAC industry. The trend of renewable and efficient energy solutions is reshaping our global industrial landscapes, and the HVAC industry is no exception. Technology innovations and sustainability practices have become integral to this industry’s future. The stakes are high as HVAC systems are instrumental to our daily lives, consuming over 35 percent of electricity in commercial buildings, according to the Department of Energy

What does this evolving landscape mean for the industry, its professionals, and the consumers?

On a new episode of “Straight Outta Crumpton,” hosted by Greg Crumpton, who was joined by co-host Gabrielle Barr, the pair welcomed Herb Woerpel, the Senior Editor at ACHR News and sparked a dialogue about the trends, such as HVAC sustainability, technology, and individuals shaping the future of the industry, and what it will take to sustain it. 

Crumpton, Barr, and Woerpel also talked more on:

  • The role of technology innovations in reshaping the HVAC industry.
  • The growing significance of HVAC sustainability and efficiency in HVAC design and function.
  • Personal anecdotes and career journeys in the industry.

Herb Woerpel is a seasoned industry expert and the senior editor at ACHR News. He has deep knowledge and unique insights of all things HVAC. Woerpel has a journalism degree from Central Michigan University and his career has taken him through several roles within ACHR, Engineered Systems, Penasee Globe, Southwest, Southeast Advance Newspaper, Central Michigan Life, and now, ACHR News. His extensive journalistic experience, combined with a passion for the HVAC field, allows him to offer critical insight to industry issues.

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