The safety of students on school campuses across the nation and globe is top-of-mind for educators, parents and officials.

There are a variety of potential ways to help keep these spaces safe for those they serve, though one that’s existed for decades is now making its way to the forefront of school safety – metal detectors.

By placing metal detectors – the kind you’re familiar with at entrances to sporting events, concert venues and more – at campus entrances, staff can more efficiently monitor the campus’s student body and play a critical role in protecting it.

In Santa Fe, Texas, Santa Fe ISD has implemented these checkpoints to great success.
“When we think about safety, we think about layers. And all of the layers enhance the environment,” said Dr. Leigh Wall, Santa Fe ISD Superintendent. “What’s really important is that it integrates into our learning environment, because we want to have a positive learning environment for our students and our staff.”

These checkpoints can’t fulfill that purpose without seamless and easy integration that doesn’t take excessive amounts of time or disrupt student days, and Santa Fe ISD said it was able to make that happen with cooperative and energetic staff effort, a carefully crafted screening process, and devices from Garrett Metal Detectors that make charging, maintenance and more as simple as possible.

The result is a system that can move around 1,400 students through three entrances in about 20 minutes that not only keeps students safe but has blended into the learning environment with minimal disruption.

To learn more about Garrett Metal Detectors and the detectors in use at the campuses of Santa Fe ISD, watch the video below or visit