Nowadays, the number one complaint besides temperature within is regarding restrooms, which varies for two separate reasons: both lack of cleanliness and shortage of necessary supplies. Of course, budget decreases can have a lot to do with this as crew shortage also cuts back on the frequency of cleaning rotations. However, despite this issue, it still should still be a priority for facility managers as this often leaves a lasting impression for both visitors and your building occupants.

So, with all this being said, there are steps one can take to ensure minimal complaints regarding restroom conditions. In fact, a lot of complaints about these conditions can be traced back to the original designing stage which even though might have saved money in the short term, it still managed to cause issues in the long run. Another thing that is always important is in addition to appearance, make sure that your fixtures and appliances function properly as this can cause a cesspool of complaints real fast. That’s why it’s crucial that if designing a restroom area to consider the quality of these fixtures as the same theme will apply again; if you decide to go cheaper, you might save money off the bat, but you’ll pay for it in the long term.

Lastly, something to always have at the top of your mind is making sure to keep your nose out for any odors. Locating the source of any of these terrible smells will for sure minimize any complains you receive as well. Looking at everything so far, it appears that when looking to designing a restroom, it’s vital that one invests in good fixtures, a solid maintenance schedule, and of course, a stocked supply inventory.