So unless you’ve been living underground for the past year, you’re been affected by the deep freeze that has happened across the U.S., however, many are not considering that these record low temperatures may be affecting much more than their choice of wardrobe. According to, this weather has massively driven the amount of energy needed up to maintain an optimal temperature range within workspaces and homes. In response to this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has declared a state of regional emergency intended to prevent shortages and allow drivers to work overtime with the effort in providing propane and heating oil to citizens across the country. Although, even though the Deep Freeze might be highlighting these issues now, the U.S. Energy Information Administration had already predicted a substantial energy growth in various products such as natural gas, home heating oil, and of course, electricity. This also affects those who might feel they’re safe with fixed-rate plans because even though your energy cost doesn’t go up or down, you’ll still have to pay for increased demand to ensure that your business is safe during these freezing temperatures. Looks like it’s time to start looking where we can cut our energy bill!