As long as Facilities Managers have been around, there have been issues with performance or lack of efficiency within a building’s overall operation. However, there should always be two things that are top of mind with anyone in a position of leadership: involve a commissioning agent as early as possible and make sure to follow a strategy of integrative design. If you keep both a priority then you save yourself a lot of heartache when it comes to preventing a variety of issues that might otherwise raising operating costs as well as affect occupant satisfaction rates.
Fortunately, when it comes to adopting a new integrated design approach, many in the industry are right alongside with you in agreement. Adhering to this from the start helps align construction activities that will eventually transition into operations. Not to mention that in the past, projects tended to lean in the direction of “value” engineering development whereas this new approach would provide a lower first cost. So, with all of this said, it looks like Facilities Managers have a lot to consider