As we look at modern architecture within the commercial space, we mostly see these grand projects covered in steel, glass, or concrete and while doing certain things can attract attention from consumers, many often forget the irresistible allure of the smaller details. Ultimately, when it comes to having a building work for its occupants, it’s all about function over aesthetics. This is crucial to realize because a building envelope shouldn’t have to give up peak performance to satisfy modern desires for building appearances, there is certainly a way to accomplish what both sides want. Three factors often determine whether the architecture of a building will be considered exceptional in its design rather than just having skin-deep aesthetics.

For one, minimizing the amount of maintenance is key if you want to keep costs low while seeking out solutions that require a little upkeep as possible. Two, look for ways to conserve energy because it not only can be a great financial benefit, but it improves the performance of building facades. Lastly, it may sound like a no-brainer but optimizing comfort because when this becomes a priority early on, it can function in harmony with your building’s overall performance. It seems that great building facades need much more than eye-catching appearance, but it needs to operate internally just as well as it looks externally.