big ass fans

Some things truly must be seen to be believed. Often though, what it takes to make those items is actually more jaw-dropping.

Every day in the United States, people go to work to build the products that excite and amaze, but their contributions are often taken for granted.

Kentucky is the horse racing capital of the world. but as you’ll find out, there is much more going on in the Bluegrass State.

On Made in America, take an inside look at what it takes to get these commodities put together and out to market.

Our series begins in Lexington, Kentucky with Big Ass Fans, a company that has been building blades in the Bluegrass State since 1999.

By the time bourbon gets to your glass, many different hands have gone into its production.

Kentucky may be know for horse racing, bourbon and collegiate basketball, but the state is also churning out items that keep businesses around the country moving.

From airports to restaurants and sports venues, Big Ass Fans has left a big mark across many industries. Step inside the company’s headquarters to find out what it will cool off next.

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