Recently, MarketScale attended the LightFair International Convention in Chicago and connected with Matthew Smith, the Inside Sales Specialist for LSI. We got some great insight as to why these professionals do what they do, what makes trade shows like LFI so important to the lighting design industry, and learned about their featured product, a digital lighting controller. Their new airlink enable by synapse digital lighting controller is economical, high functioning and is powered through a dolly protocol. It’s also DLC Certified and was on display during LFI.

“We like coming to LightFair because it is a great place for us to meet with our reps and our agents and our specifiers, so we can demonstrate our product, and show people what we’ve been working so hard on all year,” Smith said. “Nothing really ever sells a product than being able to see it in person. Looking at it in a magazine is one thing, but actually being able to demonstrate it for people live in person is always a huge benefit.”

Another benefit of LFI according to Smith, is staying in the thick of the action, which promotes innovation in their company.

“We stay innovative by keeping an ear to the ground and knowing what products are being specified and what kind of technology are trending. We also have a great team of design engineers and product managers that keep us on the bleeding edge of technology,” he said.

LSI also really enjoys connecting with their customers in the trade show setting. It gives them a chance to emphasize their customer relationships, because building relationships is important to their mission. LFI also drives Smith’s passion for lighting technology by discovering other companies with smart lighting solutions.

“LSI is a great partner for lighting controls and building management. We’ve been around for 40 years, and we’re doing a lot of things that other folks aren’t.” Smith said.