Regardless of what industry you’re in, an energizing, vibrant workspace always seems to result in teams accomplishing far more than expected. For those who have worked in such an environment, there are a few key elements that are easy to point to which helped define it. There’s the community itself, of course. Being surrounded by dedicated people is a terrific way to inspire yourself. The aesthetic is also crucial, especially in a situation where the space itself is considered a key attraction of the position. Without fail, however, it seems that productive spaces are also clean spaces. Organized, tidy offices are essential to increasing productivity, and choosing to ignore this could be setting your workforce up for failure.

Scheduling regular cleanings not only rids your office of harmful microorganisms, but also reduces stress levels and promotes engagement among employees and coworkers, driving productivity in several significant ways. The simple tidying up of a work space has been proven to increase morale, with teams showing a 21 percent[1]leap in productivity. Imagine what could be accomplished if each member of a business with 100 employees saw that big of an efficiency boost. Cleaning also drives down the risks of illnesses that can spread rapidly through an office. According to the CDC, workplace illnesses and injuries cost U.S. employers $225.8 billion[2] each year, a large part of which is due to absenteeism. By reducing germs and grime that naturally build up in the workplace, employees remain healthier and able to operate at peak performance.

The problem, it seems, is that there is simply not enough time—how can your office maintain productivity during a typical workday when cleaning becomes an employer/employee priority? While many offices have programs to provide employees with the supplies they need to keep their area tidy, this often falls by the wayside. By bringing in professionals to keep a workplace clean, employers show that they care not only about their employees’ health, but are providing a motivating, clutter-free environment to work within. By taking this small step to improve morale, businesses can improve employee retention and engagement.

Whether it be a desire to draw in new talent, to stimulate productivity, or simply a way to keep everyone healthy and happy, there are plenty of reasons to place your trust in professional cleaning services. The Millard Group’s janitorial services has a respected history of helping businesses reach their utmost potential. With a wide range of expertise, they are perfectly suited to provide a cleaning solution tailored to your organization’s exact needs.

To find out how the Millard Group can revitalize your office’s productivity, visit today!


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