Portable Space and Storage Solutions for the Medical Industry

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Medical care organizations are often in need of more storage and space. Expansions, renovations, emergency response, and more can cause you to rethink your requirements. Your focus is on patient well-being. Let Pac-Van solve your short-term and long-term space and storage challenges.

Move Records, Supplies, and More to a Better Space

Your health care office may be running out of space. With nowhere else to go, you may be repurposing patient rooms or other inadequate areas to hold files, inventory, supplies, equipment, and everything else that doesn’t have a permanent spot.

Their portable storage containers are an excellent fit for medical industry entities to take care of these needs and so much more. We provide timely deliveries and pick-ups on our versatile units to ensure that you have the storage you want when you need it. With everything moved to its new home, you can open back up patient rooms, allowing you to serve patient needs more comfortably.

In Construction Mode?

Mobile storage containers come in handy when your building is under construction. You can easily move things in or out while contractors finish remodels or repairs. Pac-Van’s mobile office trailers are the perfect option for temporary office space. They also provide covered walkways to protect pedestrians and patients during construction.

Storage and Space Solutions for COVID-19 Operations

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Pac-Van ha provided medical care systems with ground level office (GLO) containers and portable storage containers. Organizations have been able to use these units for storage of PPE, COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration sites, and more.

Because they can assemble GLOs and storage containers quickly, they are a good fit for emergencies. Units are available for rent or sale depending on your specific project timeline and needs.

Custom Storage for Specific Health Spaces

When medical industry customers have specific needs outside of just standard storage and office space, Pac-Van offers custom storage containers. Since the containers are customizable, they can be used to serve a wide variety of needs. They have provided modified storage containers for medical offices (surgical, clinical, or dental), emergency rooms, diagnostic centers, operating rooms, hospital extensions, labs, imaging centers, and research suites. Their trained and expert staff will work with you to design the right container for your needs.

How the Medical Field Uses Pac-Van Storage

Explore how these products serve the medical industry by learning more about featured projects.

Fountain Valley Hyperbaric Chamber

  • 1-plex
  • Two chambers supported by a 140 lb. floor load
  • ADA-compliant ramp
  • LED lighting

View the completed project.

Atoka County Medical Facility

  • 5-plex: 60’ x 60’
  • Used for overflow
  • 13 exam rooms, 4 physician offices, 2 nurse stations, and more
  • Brick finishing at bottom

See the building.

Lifepoint Medical Office

  • 10,600 sq. ft.
  • Exam rooms, private offices, x-ray room, storage, and more
  • Fire-rated walls
  • Custom finishes
  • Block foundation
  • Energy-efficient, reducing energy costs by 20%

Find out about the project.

Winchester Road Veterinary Clinic

  • 2,880 sq. ft.
  • Steel floor joists to hold medical equipment
  • 65% cost savings versus traditional construction
  • Completed in just 90 days

Watch a video of how they created the clinic.

How Can Pac-Van Solve Your Medical Care Space Challenges?

Ready to see how a Pac-Van solution can provide your health care organization with storage and space solutions? Call them at 1-800-587-1784request a quote, or order online today.

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