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Presco has been going strong for 75 years, and for nearly 30 of that, we have belonged to an incredible community in Sherman, Texas, just a stone’s throw from our roots in Dallas. The Sherman-Denison family adopted us right away, and the partnerships that have grown through three decades are central to our development as a company and as community members. That’s why, amidst all the 75th year celebrations, it is important for us to give back to the people who have welcomed us into their lives and helped shape who we are today.

Presco Gives Locally
Presco is choosing a local charity each month to honor with a financial gift from the company and our employees. We appreciate the symbiotic relationships we have with Sherman and its people, and some of these organizations have come alongside our employees during life’s challenges and lifted them up, and it makes sense to give back from the gifts we’ve been blessed with.

Second Quarter Donations
Our first quarter activity was impressive, and we are working hard to maintain the momentum. We are so proud to announce our second quarter giving:

April—Legal Aid of Northwest Texas – $1,550

May—Grayson County Shelter – $1,900

June—Boys and Girls Club of Denison – $1,500

The saying “time is money” is true, and for some of our staff, the gift of their time has also made a tremendous impact in the North Texas area. We feel fortunate to work in a culture that promotes generosity and gratitude. We owe many thanks to our outstanding leadership, who have modeled these values for us over the years. Many thanks to Joe Hardt, CEO, and Tammy Watkins, Human Resources Director, for promoting these efforts in our organization.

Presco and Pres-Flex
Pres-Flex, as a division of Presco, is an example of the innovative mindset of the company. In 1981, five years after creating our first engineered film product, we landed our first engineered film customer. Then in 1992, Presco formed a subsidiary, Proflex Vinyls, to supply the end user decorators and convention service contractors with Presco extruded vinyl film. Moreover, by 2011, it was evident that further distinction was needed. So, Pres-Flex Engineered Film was created to better identify and communicate Presco’s capabilities as a vinyl film extruder.

We are sincerely grateful to our vendors and partners who are primarily responsible for our 40 years of manufacturing extruded vinyl film products, and to our North Texas family for supporting strong community values.

To learn more about the versatility and other benefits of vinyl products, visit us online today.



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