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Presco is celebrating our 75th anniversary in business, and what an incredible 75 years it has been. We realize it’s important to take care of the many valuable people who have worked so hard every day to make Presco the successful manufacturer of marking products and engineered films that it is today. Therefore, we strive to create a work environment that promotes growth and fulfillment for our employees, and take part in a variety of programs designed to give back to our community.


Healthcare is important. That’s why we have an onsite clinic for our employees, and their covered spouses and children. We also see it as our responsibility to provide a support system for our staff that promotes healthy life goals like weight management or smoking cessation programs. Presco’s commitment to wellness means that our employees don’t have to look far for their medical care.


Educated employees are empowered employees. While Presco ardently trains our workforce, we also believe that cultivating technical knowledge through continuing education is paramount. Presco pays for selected employees to take classes at nearby Grayson Community College at no cost to them, where they learn the ins and outs of the technical components that make up our production equipment.


School systems are becoming more dependent upon parents supplying the materials their children need to learn. Presco realizes how costly this can be; so each year, our employees submit their child’s school supply list to our HR department. We then provide each of their children with a new backpack filled with all the items listed on their respective supply list. Last year alone, we provided 145 stuffed schoolbags, ensuring our team members can maximize their children’s education without worrying about all of the associated expenses.


Financing a child’s higher education is exceedingly challenging, and it’s Presco’s goal to help whenever possible. Since our company’s inception, we have provided full scholarships to Grayson County Community College to 19 Presco employee dependents.


Giving back to our employees is just one way that Presco chooses to help. In the spirit of charity, Presco will be selecting one organization per month during our 2018 75th anniversary year, to support and build donations. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this commemorative year!



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