When it comes to flexibility and performance, high-quality Presco products deliver results for the construction industry. Our extensive line of marking products, including flags, tape, and whiskers, give professionals all the right tools they need for a job well done. Presco Safety Marking Products are a job requirement in every phase of land development and construction. Let’s take a look.

Different Needs Require Different Products

Depending on the intended use, there are unique products to address specific needs. Barricade tape, for example, is an important safety aid which is often mandatory and guided by a variety of rules and regulations. Barricade tape may be used as a safety measure to mark hazards and ensure safety compliance. It can also be used to restrict or drive the flow of people or machinery. It comes in a variety of colors to convey different messages; such as red, to identify a danger, and yellow, to indicate caution should be taken.

Presco has Specialty Products That Can be Used in Each Phase of Construction

There are Presco products appropriate for each phase of construction and land development:

  • Preparation Phase– When land or a job site is under development, surveyors use Presco Marking Flags to identify where proposed construction will take place and indicate where utilities are located.
  • Development Phase– As a construction project comes closer to beginning, Roll Flagging Tape and Marking Whiskers are used in addition to Marking Flags to help shape the land and prepare it for building.
  • Land Break Phase– After the site has been laid out, the land is broken into lots to lay the groundwork for infrastructure installation. In addition to Marking Flags, Roll Flagging Tape, and Marking Whiskers, Detectable Underground Warning Tape is used to ensure utility protection.
  • Construction Phase– As concrete and steel arrive on site, Stake Chasers and Barricade Tape are used to warn of hazardous areas and safety concerns. “Caution” and “Danger” tapes will be prominent, along with other types of safety barricade tape legends and styles. During the building infrastructure phase, Pennant Flags and Adhesive Tape are also useful tools.
  • Improvement phase– Even after major construction is complete, the new owner will want to improve the look and design of their facility. Whether planting trees, adding additional parking, or building a water feature, Presco Marking Flags, Underground Warning Tapes, Barricade Tapes, and Roll Flagging Tapes should always be used to help warn of unsafe conditions and help prevent accidents.

Choose Presco Products for Your Next Construction Project

When you want flexibility and performance, don’t settle for anything less than Presco’s premier safety marking products. For over 75 years, Presco has built a reputation for delivering extraordinary service and satisfaction by continually by focusing on the right solutions for our customers. Presco manufactures many unique barricade tapes and marking products that can help increase safety awareness on your next job site.

Check out this fun animation video that explains how a few of our products can help assist you on your next project!


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