Reaching Commercial HVAC Industry Customers Through Social Media

January 5, 2023
Greg Crumpton

When thinking about social media, the HVAC industry might not immediately come to mind, but Insight Partners isn’t camera shy. They recognize the need to share best practices and show the latest technology innovations, products, and services happening in the HVAC community. Through its HVAC TV YouTube Channel, Insight Partners brings critical information to those who need it.

Because the mission of the Straight Outta Crumpton podcast is to find innovators who are making a difference in their field, host Greg Crumpton couldn’t pass up the opportunity to speak with the face and voice behind the social media efforts at Insight Partners.

Tony Mormino, HVAC marketing director for Insight Partners, is the host of HVAC TV. And with 25 years in the industry, Mormino uses his knowledge and skills to spread the good word about everything HVAC.

“I took a year off and got back into the industry three years ago,” Mormino said. “And I started back in as an account executive, which I have a lot of history with. A year into that, COVID hits, and I got a call from Mark Murray, the president of our company, whom I’ve known for a while.”

Insights was looking to shake things up and quickly shift to a new way to reach customers… and that’s how the HVAC social media superstar was born.

Crumpton and Mormino’s conversation includes…

● Insight Partners’ role in the commercial HVAC industry

● Embracing digital technology and social media to get one’s marketing message

● Measuring ROI on digital and social media activities

“I measure our success by the amount of attendance we get, the amounts of attention we get, the amount of people who show up to our live events and people from their same company that show up,” Mormino said.

Mormino graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Florida in 1997. In addition to utilizing social media platforms to educate the HVAC community, Mormino serves as the technical sales & marketing director. Included in this role is a significant amount of online HVAC training, live HVAC shows on LinkedIn, and expanding HVAC education on the YouTube channel. Through his commitment to this role, he has helped Insight Partners become an industry leader in live online HVAC training and education.

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