Rethinking How We Share Stories to Ensure We Don’t Lose Our Audience

On this episode of Safety Justice League, hosts, Abby Ferri, Jason Lucas, and Jason Maldonado continue their series of reflecting on past podcasts. Today, the three look back on their episode with Tamsen Webster, “the good idea lady,” and consider how they can better share their stories to cater to the needs of their audience.

“I’m excited to listen to this episode because I think we needed it given that we are speaking at an event next year,” Ferri said. After receiving an invite to the American Society of Safety Professionals 2022, the three are working to perfect their presentation skills to leave a lasting impact on their audience. “We need to reel ourselves back in, craft a story, and tell a story.”

One way Webster recommends doing this on the previous podcast is by balancing your passion versus your practicality. “We are very passionate. We kind of get out there and wing it most of the time,” Maldonado said, “but practically I want this presentation that we are going to do to sing. I want it to be the best presentation anyone goes to at ASSP 2022.”

But how do you make your dreams practical for the people who are going to see them? Quoting Webster, Lucas explains that you have to balance your passion versus your practicality. “She mentioned that we need to do a better job of channeling our passion to tell their story and not our story. That was one of the biggest takeaways from this episode for me.”

On the previous podcast, Webster had explained that it is not the story you are going to tell its the story those people going to tell when they are done. “If you can plant that seed in their head through your red thread, then you are going to have a good possibility that someone is going to take away that message and adapt it into their real life,” explained Maldonado.

To hear more about how the hosts of Safety Justice League will be rethinking how they share their stories, especially in preparation for ASSP 2022, tune into the podcast!

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