Safety Justice League Podcast Moves to MarketScale


Safety Justice League, a podcast from and for safety professionals, moved to the MarketScale platform. In their debut show on the platform, hosts Jason Lucas, Abby Ferri, and Jason Maldonado updated fans old and new about their new endeavor.

“We had been around other opportunities but waited to find the right partner,” Lucas explained. With the transition, Lucas noted that it can “open up a different side of safety.”
“There’s a mindset that safety podcasts are boring, but ours is more safety entertainment. Now, we’ll be bringing on new guests and leaders,” Maldonado said.

Ferri added, “It’s the business side we want to engage, helping make the business case for safety.”

Their videos are not old school, as the group works to modernize the mindset around safety training and education. That includes being safety influencers themselves.

Another exciting aspect of the new show will be getting input from safety professionals on burning questions. Maldonado commented, “It’s the evolution of ask a safety pro. We get lots of questions from the community, and now we’ll answer them with expert feedback.”

Ferri advised that their shows are really to support safety professionals. “The leading reason safety professionals are let go is because they couldn’t influence or coach workers. Our podcasts are meant to help you with that.”

That also means changing the paradigm about safety training from being something that’s considered a negative. Lucas recalled a previous training situation. “I was going back and forth with a manager about a new training requirement, and he was complaining about the time it would take. I suggested he train while on the job.”

Notes from the Hosts:

We are stoked to have a lot of NEW things going on – we’re on this new platform Marketscale; we are able to provide video podcasts for those who would like to see us (why oh why??); we have a new season of shows coming up; we have new past episodes available for CEU credit including Adele Abrams’ 4/20 episode, our fun interview with Alex Maia, and our conversation with “squashbuckling” Jackson Dalton; We will have a new Lounge at Safety Connect as Safeopedia brings that event back in October.

In this episode we also talked about how CEOs state they often let a safety professional go becuase of their inability to influence or coach properly – we will have to dig into this in future episodes; we also discussed trash candy because it’s nearly fall and Abby is stoked to see candy corns on the shelves again

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