Behind any business, large or small, is a security system comprised of cameras, sensors, and locks to protect merchandise, money, and human lives. There can never be compromise when it comes to security, and when the unlikely becomes the unfortunate, a business owner can look back with pride that the best of the best was employed to prevent a disaster from happening. That’s why Mark Berger, President and Chief Product Officer of Secruitech Group, Inc., understands compromise isn’t an option when it comes to his clients’ security solutions.

In 2016, almost 9% of over 1000 small businesses surveyed experienced some sort of burglary or theft, and that’s a very small sample size of the nation as a whole. That’s why Securitech sets its standards high for their security solutions. From electromagnetic locking systems tried and tested in some of the most vandal prone areas like South Bronx, New York to retail locking solutions reminiscent of an ultra-secure bank vault, Securitech has an answer to any security need.

As a part of the security incisory for over 35 years, Mark Berger has seen demands shift over the years. When asked about security trends and client needs, he’s recently seen interest in more than just locks and bolts—now the interests lie in “the move to safe areas of refuge in all buildings—from schools to hospitals, etc.” Unfortunately, recent surges in violent acts in public and workplaces alike have pushed the trend to become priorities for security firms like Securitech.

The ever important need to protect workplaces and places of worship or study requires creative thinking. The need for safe spaces in these types of buildings is exponentially increasing, but business owners and educators alike don’t want to add an element of constant fear and distress by having safe spaces and places of refuge overtly presented to everyday workers, students, and consumers.

That’s why Mr. Berger sees comfort as valuable to his clients, emphasizing the importance, stating “The need to provide safe spaces without compromising normal interactions” is what Securitech and other security firms see as the future of the industry—an industry always reliant on staying current with trends and providing constant exceptionalism to its clients. Learn more about Securitech here.