The ENTOUCH Partnership Difference

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For any organization to be a success, it typically needs to have strong partnerships. ENTOUCH embraces the partnership model and has a unique approach to ensuring success. Discussing the company’s take on partnerships, In Touch with ENTOUCH host Tyler Kern spoke with Todd Brinegar, EVP Sales and Marketing, and Jessica Beerman, Director of Channel Sales.

Beerman opened with some numbers. “I’ll let the data do the talking. In the past six months, we’ve expanded our partner ecosystem in every area—OEMs, local mechanical contractors and management companies.”

For Brinegar, partnerships with ENTOUCH are more than just on paper. “We consider our partners an extension of our company and culture.”

The key to strong partnerships, according to Beerman, is “showing up and investing in them.” It truly is an environment where they measure success based on that of their partners.

It helps to set the tone from the start.

“We develop a plan on revenue streams as we enter each other’s ecosystem. It’s more than just account planning because we also have quarterly business reviews that include performance data. Our data assets, which include machine learning, are unique. For those that use it through the managed services offering, we have a 100% retention rate,” Brinegar shared.

Since the company’s put so much into partnerships, they require a selective process. “It’s good to be in the multi-site energy management space, but it’s really a cultural fit. Do they have the same goals? Not everyone does,” Brinegar said.

Beerman and Brinegar also shared some success stories. One thing that stands out is that organizations proactively reach out to them about partnerships, which they attribute to a strong reputation in the industry.

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