Prolonged or intense exposure to hot temperatures can cause heat-related illnesses. The target groups at risk do range from the elderly to children, from construction workers to athletes. The good news is that by reducing excessive sun exposure and by taking precautionary steps, such as drinking lots of water, taking rest breaks, wearing light, protective clothing, most heat-related illnesses can be prevented. The bad news is that if not managed promptly and properly, some heat-related illnesses can be deadly. So beware of the symptoms and remember to seek medical assistance when in doubt or symptoms persist:

  • Heat Stroke – With this illness, the body’s temperature rises, and the heartbeat quickens. Skin is hot and red. Other physical symptoms include dizziness, headache, and nausea. If these symptoms are present, contact emergency services right away. For immediate treatment, move the person to a more cooling space and attempt to decrease the body temperature. Also, resist giving the person any water or fluids.
  • Heat Exhaustion – This condition is characterized by heavy sweating, clammy skin and a weak pulse. The person typically becomes tired and may faint. Move the person to a cooler area and apply cold packs to the body. Seek emergency help if symptoms intensify.
  • Heat Cramps – The heat can cause muscles to cramp up and have spasms. When a person feels this type of muscle pain, they should rest until the pain subsides before resuming physical activity.
  • Sunburn – If the skin becomes blistered, this is much more than getting a little sun. It’s best to remove the person from direct sunlight. Individuals with sunburns should resist going back into the sun without proper protection.
  • Heat Rash – Heat causes rashes, too. Small patches of skin may look burnt or blistery. If this occurs, direct affected person to a cool place and keep the outbreak dry, so it does not spread further.

“Cool Zones” have proven invaluable for athletes and workers alike to rest and recover from high heat. Those covered areas often provide water and misting stations for refreshment.

Effective cooling solutions, perfect for open and partially covered spaces are also the Power Breezerand the O2. The heat is on and we at Breezer Mobile Cooling believe that everyone deserves to be cool. Learn more about how we do that by getting in touch.

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