The Profitable Open System Shift in Smart Buildings with Joe Hill & Kendall Anderson of FSG

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For the past several years, the main strategy for smart building companies was to provide proprietary, closed systems for their sensors and smart tech. The choice was profit-oriented; businesses wanted to make sure customers wouldn’t buy additional sensors outside their product line. The conversation is starting to shift, thanks to innovations in consumer IoT devices. Hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google’s Home are flooding through people’s homes, and now they want to see that open system technology at work.

On today’s Building Management podcast, we’re joined by Joe Hill and Kendall Anderson, VP of Solutions and PR Manager, respectively, for FSG. “It’s providing data in areas and in places and in ways that we didn’t think about before, and all of that data has to go somewhere,” Hill said. They break down the transition to open systems in smart buildings, how it’s not only cutting costs but increasing companies profitability, and how these innovations are flowing in conjunction with social conversations around greener, more eco-conscious businesses and buildings.

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