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Agricultural film has been used for decades to provide protection from the elements for growing crops that can be damaged by cold, wind, and heat.  Using agricultural film prevents this damage and allows for growers to reduce replacement costs.  Increased demand for agricultural film has been fueled by the continuous growth in food production capabilities.

Agricultural film comes in three main types; greenhouse films to protect greenhouses, mulch films to modify soil temperature and limit weeds, silage and stretch films to protect nutritional value in hay and similar products by preserving the silage.

The Presco Difference
Presco has been manufacturing quality agricultural film products since 1975, leading the industry in providing green solutions to agricultural problems. By using a process that allows for the consumption of 100% manufacturing waste, and the additional buying of manufacturing waste from other companies who are unable to consume their waste, it is turned into confetti and added to formulations as opportunities present.

One of Presco’s first custom vinyl formulations was for the forestry survey market that consisted of an embossed state of Texas on the film for identification 40 years ago.

Since that time, Presco has maintained a constant presence in the forestry and agricultural markets.  Presco’s quality control process ensures that the film is custom formulated to provide superior outdoor durability, color fastness, and state-of-the-art performance.

Presco is a pioneer in the agricultural film market, as one of the first companies to get involved in this vital segment of the industry.  Presco films can be seen throughout the outdoor market and are a staple in forest and agricultural stores due to our ability to customize each film to meet the most stringent requirements.

Take Away
Agricultural film provides essential protection to crops and bottom lines. Presco has been an industry leader for more than 40 years, providing cost-effective solutions with superior materials and processes. Agricultural film can provide protection to greenhouses to reduce UV radiation exposure, modify soil temperatures, and assist with preserving the nutritional value of food.

Exposure to elements can damage crops, requiring costs to be paid for replacement products and loss of sales. Presco has the knowledge and experience to guide agricultural companies seeking state-of-the-art outcomes and technology. To learn more about how Presco’s story can assist you with your agricultural needs click here.



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