Fall Safety Protection is essential for any industry that deals with employee risks at climbs of more than four feet. But following the proper requirements to keep employees safe doesn’t have to be complicated. Daniel Huntington, National Sales Manager for Kee Safety, spoke with Tyler Kern about this issue, and how companies can maintain a fall safety protection program without making it complicated.

One of the things Huntington does in partnering with customers is to work to simplify the safety manager’s job. “Fall protection isn’t scary. We can break it down, make it super simple, make it bite-sized chunks. Everyone has to work within a budget. Let’s take a logical approach to it and start solving problems one at a time,” Huntington said.

The primary areas Huntington’s company focuses on is rooftop protection equipment, internal fall protection and barriers, and work-at-height platforms. While many might think safety is covered and under control, Huntington pointed out that in 2017, The Bureau Labor of Statistics indicated 887 died from fall-related roof accidents. That is the highest number yet. Fall-related injuries result in 70 billion dollars of workman’s comp claims annually. Huntington attributes some of the issues due to the nature of roof work being out of sight-out of mind. A factory may take extra safety precautions on the floor but overlook protection for areas where one doesn’t always think of safety needs. “People don’t always take falls as seriously as they would noise pollution or abatement issues. They don’t recognize falls for the true danger that it is, even when exposed to it.”

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For the latest news, videos, and podcasts in the Building Management Industry, be sure to subscribe to our industry publication.

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