With the COVID-19 pandemic’s ripple effects continuing to be felt across the globe, businesses, brick-and-mortar retailers, grocers and more are assessing how best to keep guests and employees safe while participating in the worldwide reopening and march toward a new normal.

In many cases, this has driven facilities managers and other stakeholders to consider some form of entry control. Devices can leverage thermography technologies, facial recognition, integration with existing systems and more to help decide who should and should not be allowed to enter a facility. This additional layer of protection can offer peace of mind and a practical way to ensure organizations are doing their part to keep those who interact with them safe and healthy.

Tidel has seen this desire for greater entry control firsthand. That’s why the company developed the IES 50 Intelligent Entry Scanner, “an all in one, intelligent entry control device designed to support the decision of whether or not to allow personnel to enter a facility.”

In this video, you’ll hear from Tidel Vice President of Marketing, David Barclay, about the trends the company has seen in demand for the IES 50, particularly as the novel coronavirus has continued disrupting our way of life.

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