The United States Armed Forces is responsible for protecting America and its interests around the world. Fulfilling this monumental task requires the dedication of trained service members, and the hard work of numerous Department of Defense (DoD) agencies including the Defense Logistics Agency, which procures the clothing and textiles that support the troops. It’s estimated the DoD purchases over 8,000 different textile items annually; when individual sizes are factored in, the figure jumps to more than 31,000 line items.[1]

When equipping our nation’s military, not just any textiles will do. The DoD has specific performance standards to ensure America’s troops are supported by the best materials available to better protect service members from harm. Military films that make up uniforms and field gear such as tents have requirements for specialized infrared pigments that can conceal what lies beneath the material from sensors, hiding potential targets from enemy aircraft. Not all suppliers are able to provide the strict color tolerances and infrared performance standards the military demands of its materials, but Presco is an expert in meeting the rigorous requirements of America’s Armed Forces.

Over the last decade, Presco has accumulated unrivaled expertise in military vinyl formulations, which is why the DoD relies on mission-critical field gear made with Presco’s Pres-Flex Military Film to help our troops safely fulfill their missions. Satisfying the stringent demands of the U.S. Military has driven us to engineer advanced formulations that raises the bar of our color consistency capabilities. Our formulations are able to hold a 1.0 – .5 dE color variance specification for many colors set forth in the Federal Standard 595C catalog. We have the ability to hold tight color tolerances on all our military formulations, and our Pres-Flex Military Film contains the desired infrared pigment that promotes concealment and safety when sheltered by the technology.

We trust our service members with the defense of our nation, and the DoD trusts us to manufacture films to the specifications needed to protect the lives of American soldiers. To enhance our offerings, we offer customized formulations of our Pres-Flex Military Film that include heavy metal free, flame retardant, low temperature tolerance and anti-microbials options. All formulations are subject to minimums and lead times. Presco’s Pres-Flex Military Film is manufactured in America, and specifically designed to protect the brave men and women fighting on the front lines. Click here to learn more about our custom formulations.



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