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Historically, plumbing has been the butt of many jokes, or as Adam Bartman of reed said, “plumbing has always been the forgotten little brother.” Over time, as buildings have modernized and homes have become “smart,” plumbing technology has stayed the same for decades. But Bartman and his company, reed, are here to change the face of plumbing, bringing it into modernity by combining hardware and software solutions to water management on an industrial scale.

Before Bartman started tinkering with off-the-shelf controllers, he was running into plumbing issues on commercial buildings on the regular, like hidden leaks and spontaneous flooding. As a result, he saw a need for virtual facility management on a large scale.

“Fast forward four years…we created our hardware/software suite so that things run perfectly, in unison,” Bartman said. What does this installation look like in the real world? Just ask one of reed’s first beta clients, a metal plating company that, after replacing a 70-year-old water meter with a new, smart meter, managed to reduce their water bill by $25,000.

Reed has successfully designed a slew of hardware and software that can tackle any property type, not just single-family homes. As a result, reed is at the forefront of water conservation and smart plumbing. Reed is utilizing the supercomputers in our pocket and applying their powers to virtual water management, saving companies thousands of dollars, and reducing excessive water usage.

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