What does a 147-year-old company have in common with a classic British metal band?

It may seem far-fetched, but for JC Powell, Vice President of Sales Regional and National Accounts with Boon Edam USA, if his company were a band, there’s no doubt it would be Iron Maiden.

There’s no Eddie the Head at Boon Edam, but the family culture and close-knit work groups make sure their employees and customers have plenty of peace of mind.

“Boon Edam would be Iron Maiden, not because we have crazy, large, inflated heads that pop out behind screens, but, if you know anything about the band Iron Maiden, they are a large extended family. They travel together on a plane flown by the lead singer,” Powell said. “When you look at Boon Edam, from our president and managing director down, that same responsibility is taken. We view everybody as part of this family.”

That family includes a number of Regional Sales Managers who have to create relationships and listen to customers to understand their needs.

“What I’m really looking for in a potential candidate is somebody who is hungry, somebody who is humble, somebody who is a life learner, and somebody that is always curious, never complacent,” Powell said. “That goes back to the learning style and understanding, well, ‘Why did they buy my product?’”

From there, the process becomes something that is replicable rather than a one-off. That’s how Boon Edam turned into a company that has plenty in common with a band that started in 1975 and is still rocking today.

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