What’s Eating My Profits?

You Need a Partner to Handle Your Restaurant’s Lighting, Electrical, and Energy Needs

The Dream

When the Penne for Your Thoughts Bistro opened, it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. But Susan, Penne’s founder, didn’t count on the many hats she would have to wear: Owner, operations manager, human resources representative, procurement officer, chief cook, and bottle washer.

Still, Susan wouldn’t give it up for anything. But a restaurant is a fast-paced workplace. That doesn’t give Susan a lot of time to focus on long-term issues like lighting, electricity, and energy that affect her operating budget. And the majority of Susan’s employees are busy every day with food preparation and customer service. They simply don’t have the time, interest, or skills necessary to deal with building maintenance either.

The Nightmare

Unfortunately, that meant relatively minor issues that Susan could have easily addressed got overlooked. Her repair bills were becoming a regular operating cost because her equipment wasn’t being maintained properly. Some customers stopped coming in because her sign was burned out. And her outdated lighting fixtures were running up her energy bills every month.

It finally got to the point that Susan’s accountant had to tell her that if she can’t bring her operating costs down, she might have to close her restaurant before the end of the year. Stressful? That’s putting it mildly. It was Susan’s worst nightmare as a business operator.

A Wakeup Call

But Susan didn’t get depressed – she got help. She found a partner who could help lower her operating costs through more efficient and effective lighting and electrical systems.

This partner came in and helped Susan develop an energy management plan and an electrical maintenance plan that would monitor and control energy usage while minimizing downtime and expensive repairs associated with inoperable electrical components.

Susan’s new lighting and electrical partner also developed a lighting retrofit project for Susan so that she could take advantage of the energy savings and improved lighting offered by LED lighting.

Now Susan’s energy management system regularly monitors and optimizes her energy use, and helps her make better consumption choices that save her money. By offering regular maintenance checks on all of the electrical equipment, Susan’s efficiency partner helps Susan make sure little issues don’t become big problems. And the complete retrofit Susan’s lighting has given Penne for Your Thoughts a more inviting atmosphere that costs less to operate.

Living the Dream

The result? These changes have significantly reduced Susan’s cost of ownership and minimized her operating budget. Most importantly, it’s helped lower her stress level. Now, Susan’s accountant tells her that she will be turning a profit for the first time next month. Susan is sleeping better at night…and dreaming of opening her second location in the near future.

FSG Can Help You Realize Your Dream

As a restaurant owner or operator, you must wear many hats, but you don’t need to become a specialist in lighting, electricity, and energy as well. Instead, partner with the experts at FSG to help take the pressure off you and your staff. From design and auditing to installation and maintenance, we offer quality service and extensive capabilities. That makes FSG your one-source provider for a complete suite of electrical services. No matter if your restaurant is quick service or full service, your partners at FSG will care for your facility even when the people who work in it can’t. For more than 35 years, FSG has been helping hard-working folks just like you sleep better at night.

If you’d like to learn more about working with us, CLICK HERE to connect with us and get started .

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