Will Micro-Learning Be the Way for Companies to Offer Training Needs in a Cost-Effective Manner?

Welcome to the Safety Justice League podcast where hosts connect audiences with safety experts across industries and services. In this episode, hosts Abby Ferri, Jason Maldonado and Jason Lucas  enjoy the podcast’s two-year anniversary with reflections on where they started and where they are in concert with the evolution of safety training.

It was in the spring of 2020 that the three hosts met in Vegas and were getting ready to launch this podcast. While there they met Regina McMichael who was one of the first guests joining the show when Covid reared its ugly head. McMichael is a recognized expert in safety training who found herself greatly impacted by Covid.

McMichael published The Safety Training Ninja in 2019 where readers will learn how to create training programs and classes that go beyond simply passing time, but actually support the retention of information. Concepts covered throughout the book include:

  • “the ADDIE instructional systems design cycle and why it will make you a more successful trainer;
  • methods to engage learners and ensure knowledge gaps are being bridged;
  • how to develop learning objectives that meet your learners needs; and
  • ninja tips that will help you train like the Ninja you can be! (The Safety Training Ninja).

And with Covid completely changing the safety profession, McMichael’s approach has become even more relevant. One of the tools she supports is the use of micro-learning. “One of my notes from re-listening to that episode was that a lot of people think Covid gave us microlearning but microlearning was there and people just did not want to use it even though it’s what we as instructors are probably more geared to and what our learners would respond best to,” Ferri said.

Understanding the best tools to create and support learning initiatives is necessary to effect change throughout the industry. People will fall to the level of their training. Shifting training mindsets is critical to keep people safe and prevent accidents.

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